I had heard good things about the RockSolidStock platform and I had to give it a try. It had all the features I was looking for.

I shoot Precision Long Range Matches. Mostly tactical field style matches which incorporate many different positions, different barricades, awkward stances, and varying targets.


I was looking for a stock that allowed me to get on target consistently and quickly, every time no matter the barricade or position.

I contacted Todd from Rock Solid Stocks and told him I wanted to buy a stock.  He promptly got one out to me in Left Hand configuration for a Rem 700 inlet.


When I first held the RS stock I noticed how light it was. On the scale, it weighed a full 18 ounces less than my AICS 2.0. I was happy about this because I am tring to save weight, and in turn have a more portable rifle system for some of these upbeat and active matches.

Another thing I noticed was when I got behind the stock was how easy it was to maneuver. The stock is thin, and allows me to get into position quickly which is important to me. The more time I fiddle around getting into position with a big bulky stock, the more time I lose out on getting more shots off downrange.


I am also a fan of a longer forearm on a rifle. Most matches I am shooting in have barricades, shoot-houses, platforms, and so on, so there are lots of shots when the rifle is resting on the forend. A long forend just gives me more flexibility to get comfortable behind the rifle in awkward positions.



When most chassis and stock systems are near $1,000, the Rock Solid Stock is a bargain in the Mid $700's.

From Match Shooting, to Long range hunting, to F Class, I would highly recommend the Rock Solid Stock. Todd was great to work with and since he is a shooter himself, he talks from experience and likes supporting the shooting community.  

Thanks for the help Todd.

Thanks for the help Todd.



Jake Vibbert

Washington State

Precision Rifle Shooter

Findlay Cup 2nd Place

Kettle Falls Steel Challange 1st Place

Field Shooter Challange 3rd Place